Dr. Chris O’Guin began in 1973, while in college, as a Youth Evangelist doing meetings over a three statewide area. In 1976, he began his pastorate and has continued serving as a pastor for over 43 years. His ministry was always characterized by growth and professions of those coming to Christ. He is faithful to the truths of God’s word and the preaching and teaching of it. In his own words, his preaching is “biblically based”. He is careful to know not only what the Word says, but also what it means. He has a passion and desire to reach all people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrating God’s love in all conversation and conduct. Along with pastoring he has held over 100 revival meetings and served on the ministerial board of a Baptist University. He has authored many Op-eds for newspapers and done articles foe national magazines. For him, writing is a passion.

He is a graduate of South Rowan High School. He received both his Masters and his Doctorate from Andersonville Seminary. Chris is married, and he and his wife, Crystal, have three children (one who’s in the military) and 6 grandchildren. He and Crystal live in China Grove, which they consider their home.